How to Apply to NSFAS Online

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has opened applications for learners wishing to obtain funding for their studies.


Learners can make applications online or at drop off their paper applications at NYDA and Local Youth Office branches. provides a simple and complete guide on how to apply for NSFAS funding online.

Important documents you need to attach to your application.

Required (and certified) documents.

  1. Your South African identity document/card or unabridged birth certificate.
  2. IDs of parents and/or guardian (or death certificate where applicable).
  3. IDs of each individual living with you at home.
  4. Pay advice/letter of employment/pension advice (not older than three months). Do not include SASSA as household income.
  5. Consent form duly filled with your parent/guardian’s signatures. The form can be downloaded from the NSFAS website,
  6. If you have a disability, download the Disability Annexure A and fill it in.

In need of study financial aid? Apply for myNSFAS Bursary from 03 September 2018 online through any internet facilities or cellphone. Ensure to attach all necessary supporting documents on your application for it to be considered.

Applying online.

Log on to and register as a user on myNSFAS with a username and password. A cellphone number and email address are required.


Remember, only use your cellphone number and email address and do not change them later on. NSFAS will be using them to communicate with you.

Once registered, proceed to the APPLY tab, which will then display the application form. Confirm once more that you have all the required documents, certified and duly signed/filled.

Fill the application form. Scan all the required documents and upload them to your online application page. Once you are ready, click the SUBMIT button.

Wait to receive a reference number for your application.