How to Earn eBucks Points

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘save while you spend’? It might seem impossible at first, but it is genuine with FNB and RMB private bank users. If you are an FNB or RMB private bank user then being a spendthrift is a virtue. The more you spend, the more you save, it is that simple. The eBucks programme was launched in 2000, and currently, it is the most inspirational rewards programme in South Africa. So, you are looking for ways on how to earn eBucks using either of the two private banks? Then stick right here and get more information on eBucks and how you can benefit from it.


What are eBucks – FNB eBucks how does it work

eBucks are rewards that you get from using the RMB or FNB private banks. You earn every time you shop using the bank. The more you spend using the bank, the more you earn. You can earn eBucks by doing the same things you do like shopping, fueling your car, topping up airtime; you name it. 

You can also shop at an eBucks partner store, and you will be rewarded as well. For example, if you are at a fueling station and noticed it is a partner with eBucks, then you can fuel your car and earn rewards. The eBucks rewards programme is a savior to most spendthrifts, and it will undoubtedly add value to your valueless spending.

To earn eBucks, you need to have both RMB and FNB accounts. If you have an FNB gold account, the better, you can earn eBucks from it too. 

Customize your shopping 

With eBucks, you have the option of either paying an item in full using eBucks or partly paying with the bank and partly with eBucks. This is the best thing, especially if you want to spend your eBucks and earn more points. You can spend half of it and save the rest. Saving and spending, are, therefore, all in your hands, and all you have to do is manage it. 

Where can I use eBucks?

You can use eBucks to shop for electronics, fuel, groceries and other commodities at any eBucks partner store. You can also use your eBucks card to shop at eBucks shop or book a selected flight using eBucks travel online. Using the eBucks shop can get you discounts of up to 40%. You must, however, know that you cannot purchase anything in the eBucks shop if you do not have your card with you. It is therefore mandatory that you carry with you the eBucks card any time you go out shopping. With eBucks, you can also hire a domestic car, and you will be sure of the discounts. 

eBucks expiry

The other good thing about eBucks is that they never expire. So, if you decide to save your eBucks for a certain period so that you can buy something special, then there is no problem with that. You can store them up for as long as you like, and your eBucks reward levels will never decrease.


Tools and tips for you

eBucks also gives you tips on how to get eBucks. They will guide you on ways to earn more on eBucks, how to spend the eBucks that you have earned and to check the balance in your eBucks account. The eBucks website has all of these tips and tools well outlined to ensure that you are well familiarized with how to use your eBucks points. You will also be shown the FNB eBucks balance you have in your account and advised accordingly. You see, the more you earn points, the more eBucks you have in your eBucks account. 

eBucks card

The eBucks card is as effortless to have as it is to earn the eBucks. When shopping or booking flights and domestic car hires, then you must have the card, and you can easily apply online on their website for a card. You get to choose how you want it delivered to you either in person, by courier or by post. You have to know that you cannot order a card for a friend or a relative; you can only order one for yourself. You will only order for one eBucks card at a time. If you have chosen the courier form of delivery, then you need to have someone at the address you have provided so that your delivery is received.

eBucks are very profitable if you know you are a spendthrift, and earning them is as easy as spending the money in your bank. The ways on how to earn eBucks are very easy, and this is what makes eBucks a convenient way of spending and earning.