How to Increase eBucks Level

Practically every individual with an FNB or RMB private bank account knows how to withdraw eBucks. However, the majority of them do not know how to increase eBucks level. The lack of insight on this subject limits their benefits, hindering them from undertaking various opportunities such as traveling to a foreign country of their choice.


The process of learning how to increase eBucks level is straightforward. It merely requires an individual to be more active when making transactions through their bank account.

What is there to know about eBucks?

Although most individuals may be familiar with this term, only a few of them know how eBucks work. One point individuals looking forward to work with eBucks must know that it is a Rewards Programme of the FNB and RMB private banks. The program allows an individual to earn an ebuck each time they indulge in various activities such as shopping, loading airtime, or even filling up the car with fuel.

The acquired e-bucks can be later on spent on books, fuel, traveling, fashion, purchasing CDs and DVDs, electronics and appliances, and many other things. The eBucks rewards allow a person to save both their money and time. It goes to mean that with the saved time and money, there is so much you can do.

Why should you join eBucks rewards?

There are various reasons why an individual should join these level rewards. To begin with, the act of earning these benefits is effortless. If you are a member of the FNB or the RMB private banks, then you get to acquire the rewards whenever you use any of these accounts. You can also earn these significant benefits when carrying out day to day activities such as buying groceries, filling up your car with fuel, shopping online, and when undertaking many more activities.

The second reason why you should join these rewards is the fact that you get to spend the rewards on whatever you want. Individuals have different needs, and these rewards from the two named private bank accounts do not limit your expenditure. It goes to mean that you can spend these benefits on things you love to do and enjoy such as traveling, participating in various outdoor activities, purchasing eBooks, doing more online shopping, among many other activities.

You should also join these rewards since they allow you to customize your expenditure in a manner that suits your pocket. It means that you do not have to spend all your eBucks at once, but rather decide if you want to pay for your purchase partly with the rewards and partly with the FNB or RMB private bank account, or in full with the eBucks. You have to choose a payment method that best suits you.

How does eBucks work?

For one to start earning these rewarding benefits, an individual must first begin by banking with the FNB or RMB private bank accounts. One point that you should note is that not all of the FNB bank accounts earn you these rewards. However, there are a variety of FNB bank accounts that you can choose from to get the rewards you need. Some of them include the FNB One Account, the FNB Gold Cheque Account or Credit Card, the FNB Private Clients Cheque, the FNB Clients Credit Card, the RNB Premier Account, amongst many more.

After you have joined any of the above accounts, you must look through the criteria for earning these benefits. This is usually the step that most people want to know since most of them are always online searching for things such as ‘How do I get started with the eBucks rewards? Or what are the requirements to start earning eBucks?’ Well, here are simple requirements to start earning these rewards:

  • Your bank account must be active. It goes to mean that you must conduct a transaction through this account.
  • You must log in to the FNB Banking App at least once monthly using your banking profile.
  • You must have monthly deposits into your account.

How to earn eBucks

There are so many ways you can obtain these rewards. Since you earn the points every time you undertake any purchasing activity, then it goes to mean that you can reap the rewards through activities such as shopping, Forex, transport through Uber or filling up the car with fuel, grocery shopping, FNB Connect contracts, prepaid purchases, and many more. You can even choose to exchange your benefits into rands, allowing you to enjoy the best of these rewards.

How to transfer eBucks

Although most people tend to spend these rewards on themselves, sometimes one may require moving them to another individual, for example, to your spouse, kin, or sibling. The FNB banks offer an easy and free system to transfer these rewards between the accounts using only account numbers.

The benefits an individual earn are very helpful since they help one to conduct more shopping and purchases. With this in mind, it is therefore very substantial to learn how to increase eBucks level to maximize one’s shopping and purchase capability. Understanding this concept will help a person to effortlessly earn these rewards and spend them in many ways.

After one has opened an FNB or RMB account, one should not stop there, but instead, proceed to learn how to increase eBucks level. More rewards will result in more spending, which most people would consider a blessing.